Serving the Montgomery County communities of Flourtown, Wyndmoor, Erdenheim and Oreland

Springfield Ambulance Association

First Cadillac ambulance at township garage


Incorporated in 1950 , the Springfield Ambulance Association

existed for most of its early days as a basic life support (BLS)

ambulance. Until the mid 70's crews consisted of first-aid

drivers and a registered nurse until the mid 70's when

emergency medical technician (EMT) became the new

level of attendant.

             Around 1990, several important changes occurred.

First, the association purchased a second ambulance to

respond to the growing number of calls. Second, the

association built its own station on Hawthorn Lane, across the street from the township garage where the ambulance had been housed up to that point. Third, the ambulance upgraded from BLS to advanced life support (ALS), providing paramedic service in addition to the basic service of EMT's. Fourth, the squad ended its long association with the township police, who had dispatched the ambulance and its crews for many years. In their place, as Montgomery County entered the new era of 911, dispatching duties were assumed by the Montgomery County Emergency Communications Center in Eagleville. Within the county system, Springfield Ambulance is known as Station 311. Fifth, the association began hiring career crew members, mostly paramedics, to augment the service provided by volunteer EMT's.

One thing remains the same. Though the association is changing in many ways, and even as we respond to an increasing number of calls outside our territory, our primary commitment is to Springfield Township.