Serving the Montgomery County communities of Flourtown, Wyndmoor, Erdenheim and Oreland

Springfield Ambulance Association


Phone: 215-233-4200

Fax: 215-233-4200

E-mail: station311@

             Springfield Ambulance Association is a 501 c3 non profit organization that works in conjunction with Springfield Township to offer emergency services to the residents of our towns. The Ambulance Association receives no taxpayer monies to operate and we are able to thrive based on a combination of insurance billing and member generosity during the annual fund drive.

             The organization is divided into two critical yet equal components. The ambulance is a comprehensive 24 hour service and requires day to day operation decisions required from a company providing emergency medical care. The decisions are carried out by an operational staff that are available as needed. The individuals make up the line officers of Springfield Ambulance.


Line Officers

                 Chief           Gina Bradley                       

                                                Deputy Chief    Jerry Edwards

                           Captain       Steve Cutrone                           


While the above personnel provide direction on a daily basis the ambulance is still a business and needs to be run as such. The ambulance maintains property, equipment, and a volunteer and career staff of over 40 individuals. The Board of Directors are community and ambulance volunteers that offer their experience and direction to manage the business that is Springfield Ambulance.


Board Of Directors

President         Robin Bradley               Vice president            Diane Pogue

Secretary         Angie Altomare            Treasurer        Kathie Speicher


Members at Large

     Charles Haig       Ernest Brydon         George White       Jim Lebair          

 Gina Bradley         Pattie Brower      Mary Ellen Landreth        Jeff Menaker